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Gastronomy and Wine

Gastronomy of Haloze

Gastronomy and wine experience in Haloze

A region of thousands of rolling hills
carefully preserves the precious gothic basilica of Virgin with a Mantle, and offers excellent possibilities to taste organic oil from pumpkin seeds, visit a vine-grower’s house, and finish the day with a treat of local gastronomy and wine in one of the region’s numerous inns.

Vinicultural strolls

Vinicultural strolls through the town of timeless beauty – Ptuj

Wander along the streets of the old town core.

Listen to the stories of wine merchants; dare to enter ancient wine cellars and discover their tradition and modernity.

Taste premium local wines matching so well the culinary specialities savoured in regional inns.

Jeruzalem is truly nice

Wine and Gastronomy of gently rolling hills

Spend a day amidst the gently rolling hills of Slovenske Gorice.

Discover the legacy of Teutonic knights. Experience culinary delights from pumpkins and their seeds; taste premium wines and try to find their best match among local specific dishes.

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Gastronomy of HalozeVinicultural strollsJeruzalem is truly nice

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